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2014 OctaCore Series NeoIphone 6595

OctaCore - Super fast 8 Core 1,7Ghz CPU - the first and only from Neoi - 13 MP Camera! - HD Display 5.3 Inch - S4 Smart Software installed! - Get EURO 100.00 payback for your old Iphone if you buy a NeoIphone6592!



6592 Series

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 NeoIphone 6592

EUR 455.00
Free shipping worldwide
  30% Discount
EUR 355.00
with return of 1 Iphone 4or5
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5.2 INCH Super Note Display

NEW! 1,7 Ghz super

Dual SIM !


Dual Camera 5/13 MP

speed CPU !

1,700 LIVE TV Channels


USER Manual

Specifications - NeoIphone6592.pdf




All Neoi Android Models are SMART TV enabled! Watch Your Television Stations from anywhere in the World! NSN (NeoiSmartNote) Products are designed in Germany!



SAMSUNG S4 - SPECIAL OFFER 2014 - Super Saver

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EUR 315.00


including shipping



5" 1280x720 HD  Display

Brilliant HD IPS Display

Single  uSIM !


Dual Camera 2/8 MP

Super Sound

1,700 LIVE TV Channels


S4 Software - Gesture

CPU Speed 1,6 Ghz

Neoi TV ready



64 GB external SD

VOD / Live TV


SMTR 17 - Smart TV adaptor for any Television

NOW ANY Television can become a smarter SMART TV - Watch Internet TV with ANY Television - Play Games - use Skype - just do ANYTHING! ..... The ONLY Device that can connect to ANY Internet source, WiFi, LAN, Ethernet, 3G, 4G, Broadband, LTE! and of course to ANY TV!
USER Manual/ Specifications



Elegantes deutsches Design, laesst sich mit allen Fernseh Geraeten verbinden!

BUY NOW AT A SPECIAL DISCOUNT FROM Neoi Smart Shop - free shipping worldwide!  




Neoi Multi Media SMART TV Tablets / Neoi.TV UI  standard for all Neoi Tablets   Neoi Tablet series, 9.4 mm thin - Models 697-6972-69723-673

Neoi 693-3G-GSM-MT6577-9.7"
Neoi 697-9.7" WiFi
Neoi 673 7"Dual SIM MT 6577


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Neoi 693 / 697 Neoi 673 Neoi 627 / 673
        Neoi Smart TV Product HDTV 400 Buy it direct  

Neoi HDTV 400 Quick Manual  -  Specifications

Neoi Android Tablets (OEM)
Neoi 603
Neoi 611-10.1

Neoi Micro sized Feature and Amulet Phones - Worldwide Copyrighted Design !

Neoi Feature Phones in Micro Technology Germany's Number ONE Choice!

Neoi 809
Neoi 908
Neoi 906
Neoi 909
Neoi 907
Neoi Bear 300
Neoi 958 Titanium
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Neoi 908 Touch Screen Credit Card Phone ( 909 with slide out Keyboard)

Neoi 809 - Micro sized Amulet Phone

Neoi 906 - Credit Card Mobile Phone fits in Your wallet

Neoi MEG 300 - GSM Monitor - Security for children and elderly


Neoi 136 Low cost 3G WCDMA with Video Call     
Special MIL Specs Products - MIL Grade Voice + Data Encryption
IP677- Encrypt
IP688- Encrypt
M33X Mil Specs

Neoi Accessories - OEM Products
Neoi WP 1500
Neoi PP 1300
Neoi B 72
Neoi DS 900
Neoi SC 112
Neoi Shop 1
Neoi Shop 2
Neoi Europe


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For over 30 years now (2010) - the founding BEI Group Germany (then) and the NEOI- Technology Group (now) has been the world's leading ODM / OEM design and manufacturing house for special special communication devices. Its Military Standard Micro Technology developments are well recognized by hundreds of thousands of customers world wide, Consumers, Governments, Agencies, etc.

German Design and Engineering sets Worldwide Trends and sets an Example Worldwide as far as the most exquisite Designs. No matter if it is Design is in the Telecommunications or Industrial Sectors, Germans dominate the World Market by offering extreme High Expertise and overwhelming Knowledge and superior Quality. 909 " Fon Fashion " is " Made in Germany ", be Part of the Neoi Form, Color and Technology Process.

                   Special Government Versions with Encryption and other High Security features available from our custom design department !

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